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Cantonese Songs

Lance is particularly keen to promote his mother tongue and the works of writers from Hong Kong. He has collaborated with Suyin Mak and Joseph Lamb to produce new works for voice written in Cantonese, namely «渡:感懷七闋» (Transmigration), Op. 13 and «不默而生» (Than Live Silenced), Op. 7 respectively. 


These works include 粤拼 (Jyutping - the language's widely used romanisation system) transcriptions of the texts in the printed music and a 粤拼-to-IPA pronunciation guide in the cover pages. Both speakers and non-speakers of the language have performed them. 

Writers from Hong Kong looking for a composer or those with existing works in Cantonese are invited to get in touch with Lance to discuss possible collaborations.

Hong Kong skyline by night_edited_edited
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