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Fantaisie et Mélancolie, Op. 8a

27 May 2020 (broadcast): Radio Television Hong Kong Channel 31 - The WorksGordon Lee (hca.) & Lance Mok (pno.)II. Mélancolie

Two Loves, Op. 2

Revision (2017)

16 Mar 2017: St Geroge's Hanover Square, London, UKHeroics and HijinxSuzanne Fischer (sop.), Nicholas Nebout (cond.), & The London Firebird Orchestra

First version (2016)

23 Jun 2016: Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHKLance Mok's Graduation ConcertAmadna Ng (sop.), Marco Leung (cond.), & Lance Mok and Friends Orchestra

String Quartet no. 1: The Decay of Lying, Op. 1

First version (2014)

1 Dec 2014: Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHKComposition Concert 2014Ambrose Fu (vln.), Edwin Cheng (vln.), Jacky Yung (vla.), & Yan-ho Cheng (vc.)