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Outside his busy performance schedule and creative commitments, Lance devotes time to sharing his artistic passion with aspiring musicians and the wider community in the following roles he takes up in education and outreach work.

ABRSM Examiner

Since 2023, Lance has been appointed an examiner for the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), the UK's largest music education body and world-renowned music exam board, assessing both face-to-face and online exams of all instruments and singing across the UK and internationally, and nurturing the future of music.

Live Music Now Musician

Lance became a Live Music Now musician in 2024 and, as part of Ensemble Fioritura, regularly delivers performances to different communities across the UK, especially those living in challenging circumstances who rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music, promoting the charity's campaign to create inclusive, measurable social impact through music.

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Private Teacher/Coach

Lance offers private lessons and coaching sessions to learners ranging from young beginners to music graduates and performing musicians in subjects listed in the following. Lessons are conducted in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese at the learners' own choice. Please get in touch for further enquiries.

Piano Performance

Lance accepts learners of all ages from ABRSM Grade 5 on upon successful audition in an initial consultation lesson. All piano learners will be required to take compulsory modules in music theory and aural training relevant to their levels. Regular face-to-face lessons are offered in selected parts of London, including on Lance's grand piano at his residence, while consultation lessons are offered internationally depending on his touring schedule and online via Zoom.


All composition learners are required to take initial modules in music theory before proceeding to either regular online lessons via Zoom, in which learners have the opportunity to discuss in-depth artistic ideas and obtain more focused mentorship on their creative processes, or on-demand reviews of their compositions via email, suitable for composers requiring feedbacks specific to their works-in-progress.

Repertoire Coaching for Singers

Coaching sessions are offered to classical singers beyond ABRSM Grade 8 to seek advice on, prepare, and rehearse concert and audition programmes. Regular face-to-face sessions are offered in selected parts of London, while individual sessions are available internationally depending on Lance's touring schedule or online via Zoom. Lance is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese, and has professional working proficiency in French, German, and Italian.

Music Theory

The range of offered courses starts from the preparation of the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam to advanced university-level modules covering counterpoint, harmony, post-tonal techniques, materials, structure, and advanced musical analysis. Lessons are conducted online via Zoom.

Aural Training

Courses are available for music learners of all levels from beginners to professionals and of all instruments or voices. Most initial and intermediate-level training is geared towards practical grades exam requirements, and those for advanced learners and professional musicians are more flexible, catering to their individual needs. Training sessions take place face-to-face in selected parts of London or online via Zoom.

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