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Lance devotes most of his time outside performance and composition in education. He teaches students of all age and levels in the following areas. He delivers lessons in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. 

For fees and availability, please get in touch to enquire.

Piano Performance


Music Theory and Composition

Vocal Repertoire Coaching

Vocal repertoire coaching is available for classical singers from advanced to professional levels. Lance is an experienced répétiteur fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and is proficient in German and French. He specialises in operas and songs. Sessions are provided in flexible formats from one-to-one coaching to ensemble rehearsals.

Aural Training

Aural training is a mandatory module included in Piano Performance and Music Theory courses but can also be taken separately by all musicians. If a student is looking to prepare for graded exams or auditions alike, it is advised that they begin aural training at least three months prior to the exam date if they passed the previous grade within a year. It is advised to start earlier if their previous exam was taken longer before.

Exam Drills

Lance is familiar with the ABRSM and Trinity exam syllabi from graded and all diploma levels, as well as the GCSE and A-level requirements in Music.