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Sample scores to all compositions include cover page, programme notes, and selected pages of sheet music. Please enquire to purchase complete scores. Lance weclomes commissions for new works. Feel free to get in touch and discuss.


Click here for a separate page dedicated to Lance's ongoing project to set the complete Shakespeare's sonnets to music

Recent Highlights

Six Songs to the Fair Youth, Op. 8

(2020), 25'; v, hca, pno

Selected movements broadcast by RTHK

« 不默而生 » (Than Live Silenced), Op. 7

(2020), 11'30"; sop, fl, cl, pno

Commissioned: Playground Ensemble

Two Loves, Op. 2

(2017, 2016), 12'; cttr/ sop, 1 perc, pno, str

Prized: Firebird Young Composer 2017


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