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Lance writes for forces ranging from orchestras and choirs to chamber ensembles and soloists. He mostly composes for classical musicians but has also written and arranged music for the screen and other commercial purposes. The scores and audio (unless full performances are available) provided below are samples only. Please get in touch if you are interested to purchase or perform Lance's music. He also welcomes commissions for new works from performers as well as other patrons.

L i s t   o f   W o r k s 
b y   D a t e


Dust, Mirror, and Bodhi Tree («塵、鏡、菩提樹»), Op. 19

4'30"・2 picc, pno・premiered: 20. Mar. 2023 High Wycombe, UK

Encounters («相逢»), Op. 18

7'・open instr. ≥ 5 players・commissioned: Ensemble Fioritura・premiered: 21. Jun. 2023 Hong Kong

The Fabricator of Joy («作樂»)Op. 17

8'・fl, ob, cl, bsn, pno・commissioned: Ensemble Fioritura・premiered: 21. Jun. 2023 Hong Kong

Innocence's last gaze before it, like all, goes with the wind, Op. 16

10'・fl, bsn, pno・commissioned: Trio Fioritura・premiered: 2. Feb. 2023 Aylesbury, UK

L i s t   o f   W o r k s b y   G e n r e

M u s i c   f o r   V o i c e   w i t h   O r c h e s t r a

«渡:感懷七闋» (Transmigration: 7 Songs of Remembrance), Op. 13a

24'・v (med), 2222, 4221, timp, 2 perc, str・commissioned: Ponte London Orchestra・premiered: 3. Dec. 2022 London, UK

Two Loves, Op. 2 (2014 / 2017)

12'・v (high), 1 perc, pno,  str・premiered: 16. Mar. 2017 London, UK/

23. Jun. 2016 Hong Kong・prized: Firebird Composer of the Year 2017

C h o r a l   W o r k s

Exodus 22.3ºN 114.1ºE, Op. 11 (2021)

5'・satb, pno

P a s t
E v e n t s

2 0 2 3

Feb 2Innocence's last gaze before it, like all, goes with the wind, Op. 16 (premiere)・Chamber Recital・

Trio Fioritura (fl + bsn + pno)・St Mary's, Aylesbury, UK

Feb 11Innocence's last gaze before it, like all, goes with the wind, Op. 16・Chamber Recital・Trio

Fioritura (fl + bsn + pno)・St Mary of Charity, Faversham, UK

Mar 17・Pastorle and Fioritura, Op. 14a・Chamber Recital・Wong Ka Wing Karen (picc), Lance Mok

(pno)・Pimlico Library, London, UK

Apr 29・Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art, Op. 10 (premiere)・Charity Concert・Neil

Latchman (ten), Lance Mok (pno)・St Mary's, Ealing, London, UK

May 20・«渡:感懷七闋» (Transmigration: 7 Songs of Remembrance) - VII. 七彩繽紛 ('Grapes of Plenty');

 arr: 光光 (premiere)O. First Dates: Keith Pun X Nele Mennes・Keith Pun (cttr), Lance Mok (pno)・LAB 2|9|3, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jun 11・Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art, Op. 10・East meets West: Vocal and Piano Recital・

Rex Man (cttr), Jimmy Cheung (pno)・Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, USA

O n g o i n g
P r o j e c t s

S h a k e s p e a r e ' s   S o n n e t s

Lance's most substantial project to date is to set the complete Shakespeare's Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint to music. This ongoing project is unified by their common lexicon of leitmotifs.

The first 126 sonnets addressed to the Fair Youth are set in cycles of six songs under the common title of Songs to the Fair Youth. Each cycle features an obbligato instrument and consists of sonnets that share a common theme. At least two movements in each cycle are purely instrumental and can be performed as a separate work.


The 26 sonnets that follow addressed to the Dark Lady are set for voice and piano only and are collected under one opus. The remaining two are written for medium voice and guitar under the title Two Songs to Cupid. A Lover's Complaint is a piece for mixed choir.

W o r k s   i n   C a n t o n e s e

Lance is particularly keen to promote his mother tongue and the works of writers from Hong Kong. He has collaborated with Suyin Mak and Joseph Lamb to produce new works for voice written in Cantonese, namely «渡:感懷七闋» (Transmigration: 7 Songs of Remembrance), Op. 13 and «不默而生» (Than Live Silenced), Op. 7 respectively. 


These works include 粤拼 (Jyutping - the language's widely used romanisation system) transcriptions of the texts in the printed music and a 粤拼-to-IPA pronunciation guide in the cover pages. They have been performed by both speakers and non-speakers of the language. 

Writers from Hong Kong looking for a composer or those who have existing works in Cantonese are invited to get in touch with Lance to discuss the possibilities of collaboration.

Image by Sergio Capuzzimati
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