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Mok: Songs to the Fair Youth: Six Songs of Winter, Op. 8 - VII. Mélancolie / Gordon Lee・Lance Mok

Gordon Lee

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Gordon Lee (harmonica) is widely regarded as one of the foremost exponents of his instrument worldwide. He won the championship at the 2017 World Harmonica Festival and has been invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Muth Concert Hall in Vienna, Esplanade in Singapore, the International Harmonica Festival in Seoul and the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen Germany. Gordon has collaborated with pop singers including Alan Tam, Alfred Hui, Chet Lam, Hacken Lee, Hins Cheung, Phil Lam, Ng Yip-kwan, Leon Lai, Lowell Lo, Teresa Carpio, and Kay Tse, and has been regularly invited as guest soloists in live concerts and television programmes, including Hunan Television’s 2016 reality show I am a Singer. His performances have also been disseminated in albums and DVDs. Gordon's playing integrates classical music, world music, jazz, blues, and pop music, and has been widely praised by the local media: 'his performance makes us completely rethink our opinions about how the harmonica should be played.'

Gordon is one of Lance's first professional collaborators at the beginning of both's concert career. Together, they have appeared at the Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall (US) and performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Past Performances
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